Looking for a new adventure?

Try scuba diving! It's your opportunity to discover the magical world of colourful fish


Planet Scuba is a trusted provider of scuba diving training to leading independent schools across the South East. Scuba diving training can take place at our centres or on school premises. All Planet Scuba staff that work with children have an enhanced CRB clearance.

We are also the only Local PADI Approved Youth Training Centre.

Why introduce Scuba Diving to your School?

We have conducted many scuba programs with schools in local areas. We have found scuba diving to be an excellent way of engaging students. Scuba diving is an exciting activity that can introduce students to a simply breath-taking world, providing them with a license for adventure and discovery! Scuba diving is valuable within the educational system, facilitating students with the means needed to socialise and develop friendships, as well as teaching them to be responsible.

Through scuba diving, students are required to reflect on what is going on around them constantly, both physically and emotionally. Planet Scuba feel this process enables students to transfer this process to other areas of their lives.

What can we do for your school?

Scuba Session

The Planet Scuba Discover Scuba session is PADI’s entry level course. Essentially, it is the option to ‘try scuba diving’, to give students a chance to have a go. These sessions are low cost and take around 1-2 hours to complete. Students will be introduced to basic scuba diving theories and safety concepts before getting into the water to try scuba diving. Planet Scuba designed these sessions to be relaxed and fun; an ideal introduction to scuba diving. They also provide a great foundation for students who wish to progress further to a full Scuba Diving certificate.

Open Water Diver Referral Course

The Open Water Diver Referral Course is the first step to becoming a fully qualified Scuba diver. This course is split between theory and practical sessions, during which students will complete five knowledgeable development sections covering the theory of scuba diving, as well as five practical sessions in a swimming pool. The Open Water Diver Referral Course can be tailored to suit any specific needs, and can be completed over one full weekend or over several sessions.

Open Water Dives

Upon completion of the scuba session and open water diver referral course, the open water dive is the final step. Students must complete four open water dives in order to achieve their scuba diving certification. These dives are able to be completed within the UK or as part of a school trip.

Holidays and Trips

Planet Scuba has 15 years’ experience in organising, running and leading scuba diving trips to a wide variety of UK and oversea diving locations. These have previously included the Red Sea and Malta! A popular option for school groups is to complete our referral course within the UK and the Open Water dives in the Red Sea or Malta.