Looking for a new adventure?

Try scuba diving! It's your opportunity to discover the magical world of colourful fish

Equipment Hire

Computer n/a £25£35
12lt Cylinder n/a£25
£110 tack a tank
£110 tack a tank
Regulators n/a£35£55
Aqualung BCDn/a£15£35
Wet suitn/a£35£55
Dry suit onlyn/a£75£125
Wet suit full kitn/a£95£160
Dry suit full kitn/a£145£190
Weight beltn/a£2 + £1 per kilo£2 + £2 per kilo
Mouth piecesn/a£5 £5
Stage cylinder and regsn/a£40£100
Twinset / Wing / Regsn/a£85£225
Rebreathers MKVIn/a£150£300

Planet Scuba also have other scuba diving equipment available to hire on request, including twinsets, rebreathers and much more. Please give us a call for further information! We can also provide air, nitrox and trimex refills, service scuba diving equipment and complete repairs.