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The Planet Scuba Team 

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Stephen Manton 
PADI Master Instructor 

Stephen Manton enjoys both recreational and rebreather diving and is certified on closed cicuit rebreathers instructor. He is a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, and renowned for his expert knowledge gained in his 22 years of diving and is experience in offering support and guidance whether he is teaching open water divers or Instructors alike and with scuba equipment and U.K. Diving, Can be found in the work shop most of the day testing cylinders or stripping regulators apart, Stephen’s passion for travel and the underwater world is contagious and he enjoys inspiring others to dream big and seek adventure!! 
Dive gear: Aqualung Zuma, Aqualung Mikron's, Mares MR52 Abyss, Scubapro Drysuit, Poseidon MK Seven 
Photo gear: GoPro with Sea Dragon video lights. 
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Paul Blatch 
PADI Staff Instructor 

Paul Blatch started working with use in 2007 and been an instructor for our open water students and Advanced open water divers, 
has moved on to rescue and dive master students.with a passion for teaching all levels of diving. He looks forward to local diving events and meeting everyone in the local dive community. 
Dive gear: Mares Dradon, Mares MR42 Protons, Suunto Vyper Air, Whites Fusion Drysuits. 
Photo gear: 

Fiona Baker 
PADI Staff Instructor 

Fiona is a Staff Instrutor at Planet Scuba and fills in around the shop when needed. When Fiona started diving in 2003, she took a sudden fancy to it on holiday for ‘things lurking beneath the surface’– especially sharks. Now she is a She is absolutely amazed at the magnificent creatures to be seen in both fresh and salt water environments. Her passion for diving evolved into a deep desire to inspire and encourage others to explore the beauty and fragility of aquatic life, and helps divers in the development of their own skills and confidence in the underwater world. Whether diving in the U.K. Mexico, Redsea, or in some part of the world – the sense of peace and tranquility that she experiences while diving is unfathomable, indescribable, and something she desires to help others comprehend 
Dive gear: Scubapro Seahawk , Apeks XTX200, Suunto D6, Oceanic drysuit 
Photo gear: Canon 
Planet scuba

Simon Heanes 
PADI Divemaster 

Simon is a PADI Divemaster Simon is Planet Scuba’s Senior Repair Technician as well as a retail specialist, gas blender, and PADI Divemaster for Planet Scuba with experience teaching in the U.K.. His love for diving is easily seen as he enjoys talking about diving to everyone who enters the store. When not working at Planet Scuba, or holding his most important position as “Mr. Mum” at home, you can find him riding hammerhead sharks with his friends, Simon enjoys the local shipwrecks but his favorite dive site is: “Anywhere warm in the Redsea!” 
Dive gear: BCD Mares Prestige , Mares MR12 Prestige, Mares Puck Pro, Typhoon Drysuit 
Photo gear: Sony 

Emma Novak 
PADI Divemaster 

Emma is a PADI Divemaster 
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